25 Beaches Within 25 Minutes of Dunedin, New Zealand

Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach


Dunedin's beaches are amazing. St Clair Beach famously defines the city's southern edge, but there are others nearby which are more spectacular, wild, and biodiverse.

I once read there are 25 beaches within 25 minutes of Dunedin. Back then, I lived in the city centre without a car—so it was a mildly-interesting claim I soon forgot. But as I became interested in landscape photography, the '25 beaches' idea returned to mind.

With no plans for the summer of 2015–2016, I decided to find and photograph them all.

It turns out whoever made the '25 beaches' claim was lowballing. Depending on how you define a beach (for example, I treated the contiguous St Clair, Middle, and St Kilda beaches as just one), I'd bet there are closer to 50 beaches within range.

I can't think of another New Zealand city that comes even close to that number.

For this project I've taken '25 minutes' to mean within a 25-minute drive of a Dunedin city boundary. In fact, all but two of the beaches I photographed are within Dunedin's city limits.

If you're in Dunedin and haven't visited some of them, I encourage you to go. They're all beautiful and they're less than 25 minutes away.

Ngā mihi,
AA Smith